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Weekend Ride Leader Letter



Thank you for volunteering to be a Saturday Ride Leader by adding your proposed ride or rides to our 2015 repertoire of rides.  Please let me know if there are particular times you definitely wont be available, or your preferred dates. Send me your ride description by email or call me (Paul Dutky, 360-479-2683).  I’ll create a detailed route on software, and add it to the ride library in the “WSCC - Members” folder in Dropbox.  We will use the ride repertoire that you help build for our Saturday rides.


You have not committed to leading a ride until we agree upon a date.  The ride you submit is one possibility.  You can always choose a different route.


All weekend Ride Leaders need to be current WSCC members.  Please go to the website to pay and register online if you need to do so.  Youll sign our insurance waiver as part of the registration process.



Ride Description


Ride descriptions should include route, pace (in mph), and approximate distance.  Ill calculate your routes exact mileage and elevation gain using Ride with GPS software.  When you agree to lead a ride on a specific date, Ill need your starting location and time.   Example ride descriptions are provided below.


Your pace is your average speed while you are moving.  This is what a cyclometer would show as your average speed at the end of your ride.  Slower club rides will usually average 10-12 mph.;  12-14 mph for faster rides.  The Ride Guide, available on our website, describes ride leader guidelines in this range:


10 mph minimum average speed, or pace, is an entry level to intermediate cycling skill level.  Breaks occur about every 7 -12 miles.  The leader rides at the front or middle to keep the group together and helps with on-the-road repairs.


12 mph average speed is a moderate/social ride for those with riding experience.   The ride is of intermediate pace, terrain and distance, with breaks every 10-15 miles.  The leader rides in the front or middle, stopping to regroup as needed.


14 mph average speed is a brisk pace, a social ride for experienced riders, with the emphasis on riding.  The ride is of intermediate or greater pace, terrain and distance. May include some pace line riding.  Rest breaks are every 15 to 20 miles.  The leader can be anywhere in the group, stopping to regroup when necessary.


The club will try to provide two ride leaders on Saturdays when we can; one to lead a faster and one a slower group.  My example ride (#1) has both groups starting from the same location.  We may have them start at different locations.


Example Ride Descriptions:


#1  Kitsap Lake / Seabeck Loop - 27 miles.  There will be a stop in Seabeck at 14 miles for slower riders.  There is 1640 feet elevation gain.  Faster riders will peddle about 20% further enroute to Seabeck on small extra loops.  11 mph riders and 14 mph riders should get to Seabeck for a snack break at about the same time.  Hilly but beautiful ride.  You can see the route at


#2  Grand Vashon Tour.  Starts at the Sedgwick Parkn ride, heads south through Gig Harbor, across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, makes a five mile loop around Point Defiance Park, and then returns via the ferry to Vashon, cycling the length of Vashon Island, and returning via the ferry to Southworth.  The loop is 62 miles, with 4600 feet of climbing.  12 mph pace.  You can see the route at;


Ride With GPS is the recommended mapping software, which is used to create a PDF map/cue sheet of your ride.  More information can be found here.

Ride Leader advice and training


WSCC will be offering a discount for League of American Wheelmen ride training (LAB 101) in the Spring or early Summer 2015.  We strongly recommend this class to build ride skills and review safe practice. 


As Ride Leader, you will meet your riders at the start location and initiate introductions.  Youll need to ask if there are any non-members or members whose membership has lapsed, and ask them to sign the one page WSCC waiver that you will bring to the ride.  Be sure that riders include emergency contact information in the spaces provided on the waiver forms.  Save the waivers and bring them to the next club meeting or mail them to Charlie Michel (6088 Kingfisher Court, Bremerton, WA 98312, cell- 360-710-0616).  Waiver forms can be found in the club Dropbox folder.


Give a brief overview of the ride and any safety concerns along the route.  Please print out four or five maps with cue sheets from the calendar event link to hand out to riders who want them.  Count all your riders so you can make sure you dont lose any.  One good practice is to tell riders that the next to the last rider becomes the last riders best buddy.  Make sure everyone has your cell phone number before departing, and it is good practice for you to enter your riders cell phone numbers in your phone as well.  Announce the next regroup location, before you depart the last one.  Stop and regroup whenever someone needs help or appears to have lost the route. 


Good leadership takes practice, and is hard to explain in a few words.  We are happy to find an experienced club member to mentor you, just ask us.  Call me or Charlie Michel if you have any problems joining Dropbox or joining the WSCC - Members Dropbox folder.  You can find a waiver form there, review the library of rides (which will continue to grow), and much else.  Thanks.



Paul Dutky