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Road Concerns

9/28/2015 - Needed West Kitsap Way Road Repair - expanded
Submitted by Paul Dutky 
Location: Kitsap Way between Austin Drive and Burchfield Drive in Bremerton.
Additional pics and more details about this badly needed road repair need are here.
8/01/2015 - Needed West Kitsap Way Road Repair
Submitted by Paul Dutky 
Location: Kitsap Way between Austin Drive and Burchfield Drive in Bremerton
Concern:  Multiple hazards to cyclists on Kitsap Way along a well-established bike route.  These include gratings, pavement defects along paved shoulder, catchment depression along fog line and other problems.  A series of pictures follows and more are included in the detailed PDF file available here.
Report sent to:

7/22/2015 - Lack of Lane Markings on Old Wheaton Way at  3rd Street in Manette
Submitted by Pam Morton and Paul Dutky 
Location: Old Wheaton Way and 3rd Street in Manette
Concern: Cyclists may be “cut off” as traffic moves to the inside of this right turn at an intersection where the bike lane road
markings are absent. A dashed line to continue the bike lane through the intersection may help as a visual cue, as would some auditory cues from slightly elevated “bumps” on the last ten feet of the bike lane marking seen here through the intersection. The red line indicates a possible illusion of where the middle of the lane is. A series of pictures follows.  Click here for a detailed PDF file documenting this concern.
Report sent to: Chal Martin, Bremerton Public Works on 7/22/2015  
Response: 7/23/2015 - Chal Martin thinks a  dashed line is "a good idea."






2/24/2015 - Harlow Drive Road Surface Disintegration

Submitted by Charlie Michel and Paul Dutky 
Location:  Near Lakehurst and Eastlake Drive intersections with Harlow Drive
Concern:  -  No shoulder on south side of road.  Lake loop hikers are forced onto the fog line.
                   -  Disintegrating pavement endangers cyclists
Road resurfacing could solve both problems.
Report sent to: Chal Martin, Bremerton Public Works on 2/24/2015
Response: 2/26/2015 - "An overlay would be nice, and we can put that on our list as we are updating our transportation comp plan.  No funding for an overlay at this point but we should be able to help out on the spot repairs.  Thanks for taking the time to send us this detailed information.  Really helps in our response.    Chal"


12/02/2014 - Old Belfair Highway Resurfacing
Submitted by Tim Baker
Location:  Between Gorst and Gold Mountain Golf Course on Old Belfair Hwy
Concern:  Why would the city effectively narrow the shoulder making the road less hospitable for bicycles on a road used by numerous large trucks?  A four-foot shoulder could have been created over pre-existing roadbed at little additional expense.  Cyclists will not ride near the asphalt step-off to avoid "hooking" the front tire, especially on wet or leaf covered surfaces. Riders are pushed onto the road boundary line.  This roadway was swept clear by throwing debris onto the old shoulder. Peddling to the right of the new asphalt is problematic, and will become more so over time.  Why weren't cyclists considered?
Report sent to: Chal Martin, Bremerton Public Works on December 2, 2014
Response: Chal Martin, head Bremerton PUD, on December 3, 2014 states “We had very limited funding to provide this maintenance overlay, and we had to make the difficult call to trade the overlay width for structural digout repairs to the traveled way.  . .  .  this is not ideal, and not our first choice.  There is unfortunately no additional funding to re-do the shoulders.  However, I will ask our maintenance staff to sweep the shoulders – that should help some.”